Enter New Era of Live Streaming!
Play2Live is a blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans. We are a trailblazer in merging revolutionary blockchain technology and streaming services.
Token sale ended
Hardcap achieved!
3 M Soft cap
30 M Hard cap
$ 30,000,000
Play2Live Advisors: Anton Agranovskiy
What is Play2Live?
Our Project
Play2Live platform introduces a full-blown ecosystem for eSports and gaming industries with a focus on content generation and practical needs of streamers, providing unqiue interactive opportunities for all participants of the ecosystem - eSports tournament organizers, the streamers and the viewers. Play2Live is here to solve the main challenges of eSports industry:
Users expect a wide range of interaction and personalization options.
All participants of the system demand the solutions which would better regulate peer-to-peer relationships, especially commercial ones. Streaming platforms should become service providers and ensure proper functioning of the platform.
Users are also frustrated with advertising and try to avoid it in any possible way. It's time for a new solution, allowing users to choose how they receive advertisements.
Streamers expect to start earning money as soon as the registration is complete and wish to have more tools to monetize their streams.
Gamers want to be able to influence the scenario of the broadcast and to construct the content on the platform.
We have a solution!
Based upon blockchain technology, Play2Live introduces a unique mix of interactive features and monetizing tools, which isn't available with other existing streaming platforms. The further development of Play2Live’s Level Up Chain is the ultimate end-to-end solution for streamers, gamers, and eSports fans, providing them with the key advantages of blockchain technology that meet their needs, such as speed, transparency, security and availability.
The viewer
Enjoy an advertising-free streaming platform and can watch streams earning tokens in more than 5 ways. There are more than 15 ways to interact with a streamer and a platform using LUC as a mean of payment.
The streamer
Can earn money from the very first stream in more than 11 ways compared to 5 ways abailable on the existing streaming platforms.
Esports tournament organizer
Can collect funds for tournaments arrangement for any game on the platform. Users have direct influence on the content generation process. Partner services and advertisers are already onboard.
Viewers can watch streams and earn LUC by sharing their internet channels via the P2P CDN service easily from any device.
Viewers can influence the stream directly due to the unique system of tasks featuring a streamer and a viewer. Users can determine the scenario of a stream and become participants of the show!
The embedded system of content crowdfunding allows users to generate from scratch the content they want to watch. The tickets sold for these events open up exclusive opportunities for users.
Viewers can enable advertising and support the streamer by watching it. They can also earn token rewards for that. Streamers decide on the proportion of LUC received by them and the users.
The platform encompasses services such as totalizator, advanced statistics systems, a search for tournament backers, paying tournament rewards via blockchain and overall gamification. This enhances trust between users and encourages new tournament organizers to enter the market.
Game publishers can sell games via the platform and interact with streamers by offering proposals for content promotion. The transparency of interaction is ensured by blockchain.
Viewers are encouraged to become active users of the platform by earning a higher amount of LUC. Amateur streamers get ready-made mechanisms for promotion and marketing.
Economic model

Play2Live platform provides Level Up Coin (LUC) as an exclusive token within the ecosystem.

Our Team

Advisory Board
1. Start
2. Start of development
Initiation of Play2Live core back-end functionality, front-end layers, and blockchain system development. Setting up a marketing budget for streamers and tournament operators to promote within the platform.
5M $
3. Core features development
Development of authentic features of Play2Live - totalizator, crowdfunding system, a system of interaction between viewers and streamers. MVP release and broadcast of CS:GO World Championship with offline final rounds at the stadium with 15,000 seats capacity.
10M $
4. Integration with partner services
Integration with partner services agreed to cooperate with Play2Live including bookmakers. Setting up a marketing budget for acquiring rights to broadcast top eSports events and negotiating exclusive contracts with the most popular streamers of the well-established games such as CS: GO, Dota 2, LOL, Overwatch, PUBGs and others.
15M $
5. Integration of external projects
Integration of external projects in Level Up Chain. Broadcasting Dota 2 tournament on beta version of the platform. Broadcasting showmatches covering well-established games - CS: GO, Dota 2, LOL, Overwatch and others.
20M $
6. Focus on regional expansion
Focus on regional expansion and attracting top content providers: negotiating exclusive broadcasting contracts with Tier 1 tournament organizers as well as top 10 eSports teams and players to broadcast their content on the platform.
25M $
7. Launch of the broadcast of the most popular eSports events
Launch of the broadcast of the most popular eSports events. We are determined to cover such events as The International, League of Legends LCS, Overwatch World Cup, CS: GO Major and others. Annual broadcasting of 3 world eSports tournaments covering well-established games.
30M $
Tokenization in eSports — do mass offerings lower quality?
February 22, 2018
Play2Live is an elegant end-to-end solution, providing the speed and transparency of blockchain technology to gamers, eSports fans and streamers. Inevitably once streamers recognize the benefits of this platform and adopt it, a seed audience will follow. With them will follow advertisers and partners.
Play2Live token sale — all the reasons why investors should be interested
February 14, 2018
We analyzed Play2Live against the demanding criteria set for traditional investments — and found that it comes up with considerably more than a few geeks and a whitepaper. This is a well-conceived and carefully executed project, that may warrant more than a second look.
Token liquidity — the key to success for blockchain start-ups
February 7, 2018
For the past few years just indicating that you were in the blockchain space was enough to raise funds. Vague promises of “X on the blockchain” or “a decentralized Y” were enough to raise millions via ICOs. Millions of dollars continue to be raised via ICOs, but the investor environment has become a lot tougher. There is an expectation of returns on investment and for proof of the liquidity of assets.
Play2Live’s unique P2P CDN solution to the challenge of Internet speed for gamers
January 29, 2018
Play2Live’s streaming platform addresses the gamer’s challenge of slow internet, buffering delays and dropped connections. It combines its own technology with the resources of the G-Core CDN and a P2P network — and rewards users for being part of the solution.
Play2Live: novel crowdfunding solutions for eSports enthusiasts
December 16, 2017
Crowdfunding is well suited to eSports, but is not integrated with streaming platforms. Play2Live has a comprehensive blockchain-based solution for gamers and eSports fans.
Play2Live: development updates 04/12/17
December 5, 2017
We would like to share with you information about the changes we have made to our streaming platform since the demo release
Press about us
Morning Star
Markets Insider
Yahoo Finance
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Token Sale Details
Pre Sale Token Sale
Maximum amount of tokens supply 1 308 800 000 LUC
Hard Cap $ 30 000 000
Start January 26th, 5:00 PM UTC February 21st, 5:00 PM UTC
End February 6th, 5:00 PM UTC March 14th, 5:00 PM UTC
Exchange 1 LUC = $ 0.05 1 LUC = $ 0.05
Soft Cap $ 3 000 000
Bonuses From 26th-31st January 30%
From 1st-6th February 25%
From 21st-23th February 10%
From 24th-26th February 9%
From 27th February - 1st March 8%
From 2nd-4th March 7%
From 5th-6th March 6%
From 7th-8th March 5%
From 9th-10th March 4%
From 11th-12th March 3%
13 March 2%
14 March 1%
Min Transaction Amount 0.1 ETH 0.1 ETH
Max Transaction Amount Unlimited Unlimited
Use of Funds
  • Sold on the open market (62.5%)
  • Reserve fund (11.1%)
  • Founders and project team (10.4%)
  • Partners of the project (7.8%)
  • Advisory Board (7.2%)
  • Bounty campaign (1%)
  • Purchasing the right to broadcast esports tournaments (20%)
  • Negotiating exclsuive broadcasting contracts with streamers (15%)
  • Marketing (10%)
  • Play2Live platform development (10%)
  • Blockchain (Level Up Chain) development (3%)
  • Legal fees (3%)
  • Personnel expenses and other OPEX (8%)
  • Administration and project team (10%)
  • Outsourcing (3%)
  • CDN and maintanance fees (18%)

Play2Live platform boasts a significantly higher level of interactivity due to the use of blockchain. Our solution changes the rules of the game on the streaming market, giving the opportunity to earn not only for a streamer but also for a viewer.
Viewers can earn money in 5 ways: from advertising; voting; internet channel sharing via P2P CDN; performing tasks set by streamers; betting and gambling. The streamers are able to earn in 11 ways compared to 5 currently available for them on existing streaming platforms. Revenue sharing model is utilized as a mean to split revenue between streamers, viewers and the platform. We provide streamers with an opportunity to freely control numerous economic parameters.
You can also read a detailed description of how Play2Live is different from the existing market solutions here.

Level Up Coin (LUC) is an ERC20-compatible utility token that facilitates monetization opportunities for all users, from streamers to viewers. The base price of the token is 20 LUC for $1. The total supply should be determined upon the end of token distribution.

Our key features are the ability for the viewers to earn from their actions, enhanced system of interaction between the participants of the platform, and the opportunity for streamers to fine-tune the economy of the stream. The streamers are able to earn in 11 ways compared to 5 ways currently available for them on existing streaming platforms. The users can earn tokens in 5 ways and convert them to fiat currency afterwards.
For more information on how this works, see the Whitepaper (page 20). 

Level Up Chain is a blockchain developed on the basis of Graphene platform, a third-generation software with cryptographic protection and sustainable decentralized data registry. Level Up Chain forms a blockchain ecosystem for streaming and gaming projects with which we intend to partner up after finishing the development stage. Play2Live platform is the first project to launch, contributing to the network’s development and attracting streamers and viewers, with Level Up Coin allowing for settlements within the system.

The influx of the unique users is ensured by negotiated deals with streamers, tournament operators and other partners that agree to migrate to the platform transferring their fan base. The diverse functionality of the platform that boosts interactivity acts as a trigger for the steady user growth. We expect monthly active audience (MAU) to reach 10M in Q2 2019.

We released an MVP of Play2Live platform on November 20th, 2017. Alfa release is scheduled for the beginning of Q2 2018. Please, take a look at our technical roadmap.

An exchange of fiat money to cryptocurrency will take place automatically via a gateway/API. Please revert to the Whitepaper section 'Design of the LUC token and its application within Play2Live project' on page 31 for more details. 

Token sale is over, we've reached the hard cap. Pre-sale happened between January 26th, 2018 and February 6th, 2018. Token sale started on February 21th, 2018 and finished on March 14th, 2018.

The hard cap is $30M and 62.5% of tokens will be tradable on the open market.

Our Partners
  • Coin Capital
  • NextBlock
  • 1World
  • Connectius
  • Sophiatx
  • FusionICO
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