Building for the future of peer to peer live streaming
Play2Live - the first streaming platform for gamers and esports fans - presents an exclusive broadcast of the СryptØmasters Dota 2 championship on P2L.TV from October 15 to 21. The total prize pool of the tournament is $ 30,000 and 1 million LUC. The exclusive broadcast of the tournament will be held by professionals from the Maincast studio in Russian (Vitali "V1lat" Volochai, Arthur "Goblak" Kostenko, Mikhail "Olsior" Zverev, etc.) and English (Admir "Lizzard" Salkanovich and Darren "Killerpigeon" Almi) languages. And in the official group Play2Live every day there is a draw of Arcana.
Token sale ended
Hardcap achieved!
Soft cap
Hard cap
Play2live successfully launched beta version of the platfrom
AMA session with Play2Live CEO and CTO (21.08.18)
Play2Live: The Team Talks
Our Project
Play2Live is a blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and esports fans. We aim to be a trailblazer in combinging emerging technologies such as the distributed ledger and artificial intelligence with video streaming services. Operating at the junction between streaming, esports, and broadcast markets, Play2Live & Level Up Chain were formed to offer solutions for the bottlenecks constraining cross industry growth for esports and streamers.
Clean, transparent transactions at the click of a button. Play2Live’s underlying cryptocurrency Level Up Coin allows for seamless, trackable financial transactions recorded on an immutable public ledger.
Bright ideas should be rewarded. Level Up Chain plans to allow developers the capability to build on the Level Up Chain protocol, fostering new opportunities for expansion and incentivizes future innovation.
Advertisements have become intrusive and are seldom welcome. Play2Live seeks to allow users to choose whether they want advertisements, Play2Live plans on rewarding users who choose to be advertised to.
Level Up Chain is built on user feedback. Modern concerns about decentralization, censorship resistance and virtual freedom are driving motivators behind the project’s development.
User interaction is a pivotal aspect of a successful project. Play2Live will offer a multitude of different avenues that users, streamers and organizers will have access to when working with live-stream content.
Level Up Chain is the solution we are building.
Level Up Chain provides a platform that takes advantage of distributed computing power to enable seamless transactions through a distributed blockchain protocol. Unlike other streaming platforms, Play2Live is building to offer an extensive array of flexibility for user interaction, economic fluidity and platform development. Level Up Chain is a platform built to help foster an extensive esports streaming ecosystem that aims to provide solutions for bottlenecks facing modern platforms.
The User
Play2Live amalgamates LUC into a streaming platform allowing viewers several avenues to interact with streamers. Viewers can earn tokens for their computing power and use tokens as a payment.
The streamer
Will have the opportunity to start earning profit instantly, with up to 11 avenues of revenue creation, with seamless currency transactions enabled by Level Up Chain.
The Organizer
Organizers will have an extensive platform that enables smart-contract customization for fine tuned event organization and development.
A decentralized computing protocol allows for an improved P2P CDN service where viewers can earn LUC for participating using their device.
Distributed ledger technology allows for item encryption giving organizers a way to develop unique virtual items like tickets or items.
Statistics are key to understating the flow of capital, users, time, and other variables in a platforms operation. Users, organizers and streamers will be able to familiarize themselves with transparency tools and verification methods provided through blockchain.
Level Up Chain will look to offer a clean slate for users, streamers and organizers. Updates, developments and feedback will be tuned for community driven democratization.
Play2Live is a fully scalable, blockchain powered, user driven streaming platform. Our aim is to breathe new life into the Esports streaming community by offering countless improvements to the modern streaming and esports architecture by taking advantage of emerging technologies like blockchain and A.I.
Cryptocurrency opens a connection to a wide market of applications and communities. Level Up Chain will look to enable a platform for an expansive open market with broad exposure.
Play2Live is looking to build a distributed platform where users can provide feedback and keep up to date with project development.
Economic model

Level Up Coin is acts as an exclusive cryptocurrency within Play2Live and on Level Up Chain.

Our Team

Advisory Board
August, 2017
1. Play2live project announcement
November, 2017
2. MVP 1.0 Launch
February, 2018
3. MVP 2.0 launch
February, 2018
4. Play2Live Cryptomasters
May, 2018
5. LUC listed on HitBTC, Yobit and Coinbene
May, 2018
6. MVP 3.0 launch
May, 2018
7. P2L HS Party #1
May, 2018
8. AI Tasks release
June, 2018
9. MVP 3.1 launch
June, 2018
10. LUC listed on LBank
July, 2018
11. Сlosed alpha Level Up Chain Testnet
August, 2018
12. Beta Launch 1.0
Play2Live starts opened beta testing of the blockchain streaming platform
September 19, 2018
Today, on September 19th, 2018, Play2Live has officially announced the launch of opened beta testing of their blockchain streaming platform to the general public.
«Play2Live starts alpha testing of its own blockchain Level Up Chain TestNet»
August 10, 2018
Play2Live Development Department announced the beginning of the first stage of testing of its own blockchain Level Up Chain. P2L computer engineers will test the ability of the LUC financial system to withstand heavy loads with a large number of transactions.
A 2018 update on trends in eSports
July 2, 2018
It started as arcade games in California in the 1980’s. Today, competitive gaming, or eSports, has evolved into something quite astonishing. It has an estimated 250 million players, more than several of the traditional Olympic sports federations combined, and second only to soccer as a global sport.
Play2Live turns promises to streamers into viable options
June 20, 2018
Being paid to do what we love to do is surely everyone’s wish! And that is certainly true in the sports world, whether your sport is soccer, tennis, golf or video gaming!
Competitiveness in the digital age- how ready is Play2Live? (Part 4)
June 10, 2018
In our previous 3 articles in this series on competitiveness, we looked at some of the measures of competitiveness, and at how well Play2Live, a startup in the gaming and eSport field, is positioned to break into these markets.
Competitiveness in the digital age- how ready is Play2Live? (Part 3)
May 29, 2018
Play2Live is a start-up in the gaming and eSports streaming arena. In Parts 1 and 2 of this series we looked at how well Play2Live was positioned to break into the fairly saturated market of gaming and eSports against traditional criteria for competitiveness and against emerging criteria for platform-based businesses.
Press about us
Morning Star
Markets Insider
Yahoo Finance
Japan Today
BBC News
Token Sale Details
Pre Sale Token Sale
Maximum amount of tokens supply 1 308 800 000 LUC
Hard Cap $ 30 000 000
Start January 26th, 5:00 PM UTC February 21st, 5:00 PM UTC
End February 6th, 5:00 PM UTC March 14th, 5:00 PM UTC
Exchange 1 LUC = $ 0.05 1 LUC = $ 0.05
Soft Cap $ 3 000 000
Bonuses From 26th-31st January 30%
From 1st-6th February 25%
From 21st-23th February 10%
From 24th-26th February 9%
From 27th February - 1st March 8%
From 2nd-4th March 7%
From 5th-6th March 6%
From 7th-8th March 5%
From 9th-10th March 4%
From 11th-12th March 3%
13 March 2%
14 March 1%
Min Transaction Amount 0.1 ETH 0.1 ETH
Max Transaction Amount Unlimited Unlimited
Use of Funds
  • Sold on the open market (62.5%)
  • Reserve fund (11.1%)
  • Founders and project team (10.4%)
  • Partners of the project (7.8%)
  • Advisory Board (7.2%)
  • Bounty campaign (1%)
  • Purchasing the right to broadcast esports tournaments (20%)
  • Negotiating exclsuive broadcasting contracts with streamers (15%)
  • Marketing (10%)
  • Play2Live platform development (10%)
  • Blockchain (Level Up Chain) development (3%)
  • Legal fees (3%)
  • Personnel expenses and other OPEX (8%)
  • Administration and project team (10%)
  • Outsourcing (3%)
  • CDN and maintanance fees (18%)

Play2Live platform boasts a significantly higher level of interactivity due to the use of blockchain. Our solution changes the rules of the game on the streaming market, giving the opportunity to earn not only for a streamer but also for a viewer.
Viewers can earn money in 5 ways: from advertising; voting; internet channel sharing via P2P CDN; performing tasks set by streamers; betting and gambling. The streamers are able to earn in 11 ways compared to 5 currently available for them on existing streaming platforms. Revenue sharing model is utilized as a mean to split revenue between streamers, viewers and the platform. We provide streamers with an opportunity to freely control numerous economic parameters.
You can also read a detailed description of how Play2Live is different from the existing market solutions here.

Level Up Coin (LUC) is an ERC20-compatible utility token that facilitates monetization opportunities for all users, from streamers to viewers. The Token Sale price: 1 LUC = $0.05. 

Our key features are the ability for the viewers to earn from their actions, enhanced system of interaction between the participants of the platform, and the opportunity for streamers to fine-tune the economy of the stream. The streamers are able to earn in 11 ways compared to 5 ways currently available for them on existing streaming platforms. The users can earn tokens in 5 ways and convert them to fiat currency afterwards.
For more information on how this works, see the Whitepaper (page 20). 

The influx of the unique users is ensured by negotiated deals with streamers, tournament operators and other partners that agree to migrate to the platform transferring their fan base. The diverse functionality of the platform that boosts interactivity acts as a trigger for the steady user growth. We expect monthly active audience (MAU) to reach 10M in Q2 2019.

We released an MVP of Play2Live platform on November 20th, 2017. Beta release is scheduled for the beginning of Q3 2018. Please, take a look at our technical roadmap.

An exchange of fiat money to cryptocurrency will take place automatically via a gateway/API. Please revert to the Whitepaper section 'Design of the LUC token and its application within Play2Live project' on page 31 for more details. 

Token sale is over, we've reached the hard cap. Pre-sale happened between January 26th, 2018 and February 6th, 2018. Token sale started on February 21th, 2018 and finished on March 14th, 2018.

We've raised $30M (the hard cap). 62.5% of the total supply (818 000 000 of LUC tokens) will be tradable on the open market.

The total emission of LUC tokens is 1,308,800,000. 

Our Partners
  • Coin Capital
  • NextBlock
  • 1World
  • Connectius
  • Sophiatx
  • FusionICO
Contact Us

Play2Live Cyprus
84 Griva Digeni
Office No. 2020
Limassol, 3101, Cyprus
Play2Live Malta
Dragonara Business Centre, 5th Floor, 
Dragonara Road, St Julian's, STJ 3141
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